Our core offer includes 4-hour emergency response with guaranteed response times by qualified, highly skilled Critical Power Services engineers, 24-hour telephone technical support, live non-invasive and fully isolated servicing of the entire critical power system. We also offer our service customers proactive support and planning for any planned shutdown, extension, maintenance or site project.

Anord Mardix corporate support contracts are tailored to fit your requirements and can include various elements from expert thermographic surveys to fully managed shutdowns, emergency response to power management systems support.

We provide peace of mind in both technical and commercial terms, our in-house approach ensures seamless delivery and guaranteed engineering excellence.

“Our team is focused on making sure that your on-going service needs are met, efficiently, effective and consistently. Whether you require a one-off site modification, start-up support, planned maintenance or a bespoke 24/7 callout facility, our service teams around the world will develop a Service Level Agreement that covers everything you need.

Mark Turner – Head of CPS Sales EMEA - Anord Mardix.


All Anord Mardix switchboards feature Anord Mardix Thermagrid (secure thermal imaging ports) for live thermal imaging so our specialist servicing engineers can safely obtain the temperature for that particular device or section.


Switchgear is warrantied 15 months from delivery or 12 months from commissioning – whichever is most recent. Should you wish to extend this coverage we can provide warranties for up to five additional years.


In the event of switchgear failure, Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) is reduced as much as possible, minimising both business disruption and costs. Our experience in bespoke switchgear design allows us to identify the components that are critical to supporting your load to create a spares crash kit for you to hold on site. This ensures critical parts are immediately available to site engineers responding to an emergency.


To guarantee high levels of efficiency and reliability, we recommend regular servicing of your circuit breaker protective devices. As ABB and Schneider Electric integrators, we can conduct all relevant field tests, measurements, maintenance, repair, and replacements or upgrades, identifying potential faults to avoid costly downtime because of an emergency situation, and extending the operational life of the circuit breakers.


Our EMS/PMS service contracts include scheduled site visits to check communications networks, meter operation and iTherm thermal sensors, to review alarm settings, backup databases and install critical service packs or hot fixes. In addition to these onsite checks and fixes, our contracts include telephone technical support and preferential emergency call out response (4 hour, 8 hour or next business day) as standard. Where possible we can also provide a remote system connection.


Customers who sign up for extended warranties and SLAs can benefit from a multitude of features continually promising that your priority, is our priority.

  • 24-hour target response time to reduce downtime
  • All parts, consumables and labour included
  • Technical support during normal working hours
  • 24/7/365 emergency assistance with 4-hour emergency response
  • Live non-invasive servicing
  • Fully isolated servicing
  • Anord Mardix iControl
  • 24 Hour technical telephone support
  • Critical spares
  • Battery testing
  • Power quality surveys
  • Specialist component knowledge and support for all third-party equipment



Anord Mardix customers secure preferential manufacturing terms for replacement or extension equipment. In the event of a disaster, we can manufacture equipment or design critically-required modifications from 3D and DTM files which we retain securely as a service to our customers.



To add to the reassurance, you can be safe in the knowledge that our engineers are fully supported by our 24 hour manufacturing and component stock facilities.



Whether you require a one-off site modification, start-up support, planned maintenance or a bespoke 24/7 callout facility, our service teams around the world will develop a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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