“We want to work with founders, leaders and organisations who share our belief in the power of innovation, pioneer data development and strive towards making a positive impact on the world of the future. We call this Comprehensive Engineering Excellence. You call it the cloud.”

James Peacock – Managing Director - Anord Mardix.


In 2021, following acquisition, Anord Mardix is part of the Industrial business unit of Flex, a $24 billion diversified manufacturer with more than 160,000 employees worldwide. Offering a strong balance sheet and a worldwide supply chain and distribution network, Flex supports Anord Mardix in leveraging unparalleled scalability, growth and reliability.

By ensuring our team are supported to strive for the best, we are allowing the quality across each of our company's touchpoints to speak for itself.


Anord Mardix customers are at the forefront of innovation and change. They need products from a partner who will work with them to shape the future.


Anord Mardix works with its customers on each project and every link in that end-to-end engineering solution requires effective communication and empowered collaboration. We don’t just say that people make a difference – we know it.


Anord Mardix reliability and quality comes from continuous improvement at all levels and in all functions in our business. Our total quality management systems are certified to international standards, but these are only the foundations of our engineering excellence.


Our nine world-class manufacturing facilities all share a focus on innovation, results, accountability and safety. Anord Mardix has delivered multiple hyper scale projects around the world and every team understands the need to work with customers to create customized solutions. That requires comprehensive engineering excellence.

“What makes Anord Mardix stand out from the rest is our ability to repeatedly deliver for a client. Our team of engineers will always rise to the challenge in order to get things done and quality workmanship is never compromised.”

Dean Bradshaw – VP of Sales, EMEA - Anord Mardix.

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