As a leading manufacturer with a global reach, Anord Mardix has multiple manufacturing sites worldwide.

Spanning from North America, the UK and Ireland, as well as having sales touchpoints in Asia, Anord Mardix has the capabilities to deliver the products and services you require, wherever you are.



Our newest facility upgrade in the Anord Mardix family, this 91,000 sq/ft facility in Dundalk furthers Anord Mardix’s production capacity in Ireland, a key geographical data hosting hub within Europe.

"The people who work here are excellent at what they do, with an unrivalled attitude to succeed.

It's great to build relationships with people across all departments and it's brilliant to see our employees fulfilling their potential."Rachel Hughes - HR Manager, Anord Mardix.


Situated in Preston, Lancashire, this manufacturing facility sits at the heart of our UK operations. Transforming sheet metal to unit frames, steel blocks to SKIDs, we pride ourselves on owning our full supply chain.

Turn the volume up and watch the sparks fly!

"If I'm doing a job, I want to do that job, not just to the best of my ability but I want everyone around me to be able to do it to the best of their ability.

I sit back at the end of the day and I know I've made a difference."Trevor Barry - Deputy Team Leader, Anord Mardix.


With a production space spanning a colossal 110,100 sq/ft, our hyperscale facility in Blackburn enables us to manufacture and deliver hyperscale projects. Known as B1, the facility has the capacity to fabricate off-site modular builds at speed, keeping up with the shortest of timescales.

"Helping my team progress in their careers through furthering their knowledge, really motivates me in my own role at Anord Mardix.

Not only that, but transforming raw components into something much more complicated, to a deadline, is really rewarding."Jamil Latif - Deputy Team Leader, Anord Mardix.


Castle Mills is one of our long-standing manufacturing facilities in Kendal, housing extensive DATABAR, IBAR and switchgear production the facility has developed to keep up with growing demand, including an in-house test facility as well.

"Anord Mardix is a great company to work for, with a friendly family atmosphere.

Working for Anord Mardix isn't just a job, it's a career; a company that will give you, just as much as you give them."Steven Tro - Project Manager, Anord Mardix.


Known as K1, in the heart of Kendal, sits our IBAR production facility. Our team in the UK play the fundamental role of maintaining our industry leading position in busway power distribution.

"My role ensures we continually produce the best quality products within the critical power industry.

The changes that we make today have a huge impact on what's possible tomorrow.
That to me, is job satisfaction."Alex Hart - Quality Assurance Officer, Anord Mardix.


With a new 250,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility in Virginia, and sales offices in San Francisco, our bases in North America facilitate our commitment to engineering excellence worldwide.

Our team here have delivered hundreds of successful critical power projects and, as the need for data storage continues to grow, this facility continues to supply critical power solutions to a number of huge, household brands.

"I take pride in everything we do here. We work in a technically demanding industry so to rise to the challenge of meeting the client's needs, with my teammates, is immensely satisfying.

I like that we're one team, one fight."Perry Jones - Director of Engineering, Anord Mardix.

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