Our SCADA systems provide the complete functionality required by the most demanding critical power facilities – applications where performance, reliability, security, and scalability are fundamental.


Anord Mardix SCADA solutions enable our clients to monitor a single PDU up to providing a whole site HV/LV electrical network and energy management system. This is delivered as a graphical and instruction-based Human to Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreen for a PLC-based control system.

  • Dynamic user interface, fully customizable
  • High speed processing of real time data and alarms for operator efficiency
  • Multi user-level access for advanced security
  • Redundant processor capability for added switchgear reliability
  • Web client for remote access
  • Historian reporting in multiple formats
  • Alarms with priority management and email facility
  • Scalable ‘tag’ license so no additional device licenses are required for future expansion
  • Functionality and processing power is also scalable
  • OPC client/server interface for bi-directional data share
  • Multiple communications protocol drivers pre-installed


  • Energy efficiency monitoring and management to support decision-making
  • Maximizing data center rack power capacity and reliability
  • Operating cost reductions
  • Enterprise network management
  • Environmental monitoring to identify trends and contribute to improvements
  • HMI SCADA interface for PLC based control systems


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Schneider Electric has certified Anord Mardix as an EcoXpert Critical Power Master for the supply and system integration of Power Monitoring Expert, PowerSCADA, EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert and CitectSCADA solutions. We are also a Janitza Approved System Integration Partner for GridVis solutions.

As an EcoXpert partner, Anord Mardix has demonstrated the ability to deliver integrated energy and power management systems in critical applications. We help customers maintain and manage their electrical distribution networks and diagnose power quality issues whilst identifying energy usage to help reduces running costs.

  • Critical Power Specialist System Integrator proficient in advanced energy and power management systems
  • High level of electrical knowledge including advanced power measurement and control and power quality understanding
  • Trained and experienced with Schneider Electric’s power monitoring software with excellent knowledge of power networks and a strong understanding of advanced, high-accuracy meters and gateways
  • Can sell and project manage an array of associated solutions
  • Typical solutions include networks of energy/power meters (ModBus/IP) with dedicated software/SCADA packages for control and monitoring
  • Typical applications include energy management, power quality control and maintaining uptime in critical environments


Our control systems are built around Schneider Electric’s market leading Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). For each control system, a comprehensive logic matrix is initially developed with input from all relevant parties requiring a detailed understanding of the client’s electrical network. This approach produces a design where correct and reliable control of HV and/or LV breakers is ensured under all possible circumstances.

  • Hot standby redundancy
  • Redundant networks may feature single or dual fibre rings and multiple switches for resilience
  • Scalable functionality
  • Maintained supplies
  • HMI touchscreen and/or SCADA software interfaces with password protected control
  • Local and remote I/O options
  • Full Factory Acceptance Testing with LV switchgear and simulation of 3rd party equipment
  • Full integration with 3rd party systems
  • Automatic network reconfiguration
  • Management of backup power sources, e.g. start/stop generators
  • Load shedding and restoration
  • Peak lopping


Remote monitoring and power management are captured in one effective product from Anord Mardix. Our custom software offers an expert power monitoring solution based upon the proven and reliable Citect Facilities platform that is widely used in data centers.

This advanced software enables real-time monitoring of values and status and provides a log of all monitored values for trending so you can take full control of your critical power supply. Developed in-house, we have integrated Anord Mardix expertise and industry knowledge to produce a technology that takes remote monitoring to an advanced level of proficiency and performance.

Our clients can remotely update alarm setpoints and circuit references and experience simultaneous updates on related switchgear touchscreens; ensure system performance and response times are not compromised by high volumes of monitored data or the concurrent performance of multiple tasks; and employ web server functionality for remote connections via a web browser.

  • Real-time monitoring of values and status
  • User-defined alarms
  • Log of all monitored values for trending
  • Server/client infrastructure
  • Web server functionality offering remote connection via web browser
  • High speed interrogation of multiple data tags essential in the data center environment
  • Use of segregated processing to ensure that system performance and response times are not compromised by high volumes of monitored data or multiple simultaneous tasks being performed
  • Export data via OPC to 3rd party applications
  • Send alarms via email or SMS text
  • Anord-Mardix are a fully trained Silver Level Citect Integration Partner (CIP)


With over 100 years in the industry, we’ve loved working with a vast number of brands – no matter how big or small.

We’ve begun to document the journey with our clients, old and new, and release regular updates about completed projects on our Projects page. So, if you would like to read more about the type of clients we work with and the services we can offer, as well as our products in situ, then follow the link below. 

Our Projects

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