From a story founded in two family-owned businesses, there has been rapid growth as the iconic Anord Mardix name now leads the world in critical power distribution and protection.

Since the two merged in 2017, Anord Mardix has developed its leading switchgear and busbar product ranges as well as rapidly expanding its global reach, delivering modular designs and incorporating end-to-end systems and software for demanding end users.

Our story makes for good telling, and there is more to come.

“The foundation of Anord Mardix is simple, we’re built on good, solid engineering and we have not only the processes in place but the people who can turn the concept of engineering excellence into a reality.”

Wayne Lewis – Chief Operating Officer, EMEA - Anord Mardix.


At Anord Mardix, we are contributing towards the new era of infrastructure, changing the digital landscape.

What led the way in the twentieth century is being completely radicalised with digital demands and critical infrastructure. We are ensuring that this change is done in a sustainable and responsible way.

What defines Anord Mardix are our people and the possibilities, a future where technology works hand in hand with human skill and collaboration. That is why we’re challenging the norm and committing to innovation.

“We’ve adapted our digital infrastructure to mirror the rate of company growth. The result is a cohesive and integrated digital offering which has a direct impact on the smooth-running of the business and the successful completion of our company’s projects, resulting in a positive outcome for our clients too.”

Scott Findlater – Chief Information Officer - Anord Mardix.


Our networks and customers are at the heart of what we do. We understand the importance of establishing long-term and personal relationships and providing clients with the solution to their problem. But we go beyond that, delivering the project, from design through manufacture to installation and maintenance.

This approach puts us at the core of the industry, ensuring sustainable and reliable end-to-end engineering solutions.

Power distribution and critical protection of this magnitude requires the right people. Through our strategy and with our values, we develop skill sets, instil confidence and turn jobs into careers. We invest in resources, people, machinery, facilities and innovation.

In tomorrow’s world, Anord Mardix will shape the infrastructure essential for all forms of digital development. Our engineering excellence and bespoke solutions will play a decisive role in shaping that future.

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